What We Do

Web Development

We build websites that cater to the needs of our clients. From initial design and layout to creating a website that is unique and user friendly, we understand the importance of conveying the right idea to your customers.

Our team of experts will take your own ideas into consideration when developing your website and incorporate them with our own. We not only want to create something beautiful that works, but something you can call your own.

3 Step Process
Plan We take all ideas into consideration and plan the layout and schedule
Design We construct an effective website solution based around your business
Maintain Long after the website has been completed, we continually update and maintain

Mobile Development

With the growing use of smartphones and tablets in todays everyday world, it is essential to have a website that works both on a desktop computer as well as a mobile phone and tablet.

All websites that AdXWeb creates are built from the ground up to function on every platform. We design beautiful responsive websites that everyone can operate and use.

Internet Users that Own a Smartphone

Traffic Generated by Mobile Devices

Print Design

Our production designers are at the forefront in creating expertly crafted print materials. Whether you need standard business cards or presentation folders, we are equipped to serve you whatever your needs are.

640 Billion

Amount spent on print marketing each year

28 Million

Business cards printed each day

Direct Mail Campaigns

The importance of a well constructed direct mailing campaign cannot be understated. Not only is a direct mailing campaign one of the most cost effective ways of marketing, but it allows you to reach an untapped potential customer base.

AdxWeb's extensive experience with hundreds of direct mailing campaigns sets us apart in terms of customer engagement and aquisition. We not only build a campaign designed around your business, but track the results and to ensure prosperous results.

  • Households that read direct mail79%
  • Young People who prefer direct mail92%
  • Customers who trust print-marketing over other forms of marketing56%

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a growing key component in the process of acquiring new customers for many businesses throughout the last ten years. With the advancement in targeting and re-marketing using today's digital advertising tools, we can now pinpoint how your ads are served and to whom. This allows us an avenue to provide an effective marketing solution for an efficient cost.

Our team of experts has a multitude of experience with advertising on many digital platforms. From Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to Pay-Per-Impression (CPM) advertising, we know what works and what doesn't.

Platform Effectiveness
Google Adwords Allows you to target customers based on demographic and search history
Facebook Ads Allows you to engage with the consumer on a personal level
Twitter Ads Allows you to gain a wider audience based upon location

Social Media Management

Twitter and Facebook have integrated themselves as key parts of todays everyday society. Not only are they used to communicate socially, they are an effective tool at promoting business as well.

Our social media team has created many effective strategies directed to maintaining a compelling social media presence online. It has become a cornerstone with every single digital marketing campaign we have created.

74 Percent

Consumers who rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions

64 Percent

Small businesses who invest in the importance of social media


Interested in seeing what we can do for you?

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